Formed in the East Kingdom, the Royal Foresters are based on the medieval foresters that protected the forests of medieval England from outlaws and poachers. Medieval foresters organized themselves into courts named after the forest in which they worked. For SCA purposes we are organized as an Arts and Sciences guild that studies outdoor living, survival and camping.

The Royal Foresters are recruiting people who are interested in camping, pavilioning, outdoor living, and survival in period fashion, as well as journeys over land, and by inland waterways in period fashion. It is the purpose of foresters to research, recreate, educate, and demonstrate historical tools, methods, equipment, and techniques for living, camping, traveling, and cooking in the wilderness.

While the guild is based on the Royal Foresters of medieval England, our members are welcome to portray any persona within the SCA timeframe. We encourage our members to explore forester A&S skills appropriate for their persona.